Top 10: Japanese Bikini Models

 While there are Japanese models who, to our great appreciation, do bare it all, we’re focusing on something else today — the “gravure idols.” These particular Japanese models are, essentially, the equivalent of our much revered bikini model.

These Japanese models are curvaceous and erotic, but they typically draw the line at near nudity, offering instead a tantalizing glimpse of what might be possible. The Japanese models best known as gravure idols are also known as “chakuero queens” in Japanese, which translates to something like “super sexy erotic queens.” Special Japanese models like these are the hot busty girls who grace the pages of men’s mags, appear on television shows and are featured in low-budget DVDs.

These Japanese models are different from Japanese adult video (JAV) stars in that they don’t do any form of pornography, particularly the more successful ones like our top 10 Japanese models. Excluded from this list, therefore, are girls like Maria Ozawa, who is generally considered to be an adult film star.

We won’t deny you the flesh any longer as we present you with our top 10 Japanese models.

Arisa Oda 

Arisa Oda is a mainstay in Japanese men’s mags, and it’s probably safe to saythat her G-cups have a lot to do with that. She’s one of the few Japanese models with breast implants, and we haven’t really heard anyone complain.

Miri Hanai

You’ve probably seen her popular YouTube clip in which she tries to play tennis — despite her massive boobs. Miri Hanai has appeared in more than 20 DVDs in only just a few years as one of those Japanese models known as gravure idols, and she was the poster girl for the video game Metal Gear Solid 3.

Ourei Harada 

Ourei Harada is the extremely top-heavy model who has been featured in dozens of DVDs and continues to enjoy a huge following in Japan. She surprised many by retiring from the world of gravure idol modeling in 2007, but thankfully there are still loads of photos and videos out there for you to enjoy.

Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume has been putting out DVDs and photo books since 2003 when she literally burst onto the scene. She is famous for her enormous natural bust, which prompted one blogger to note that Rio Natsume’s boobs are so massive and the rest of her so tiny that in her bikini photos she reveals more “breast” from any angle than most models do when they’re completely nude!

Miyabi Isshiki

New to the industry at only 20 years old, Miyabi Isshiki has garnered a lot of attention for her K-cup breasts and also for pushing the limits of gravure idol modeling closer and closer toward soft-core porn. Well done, Miyabe

Harumi Nemoto

One of the most prolific gravure idols around, Harumi Nemoto has been steadily pumping out DVDs and photo books since 2001. Blessed with some of the largest naturals around and an exotic look, she has a devout following in her native Japan.
Megumi Yamano

Megumi Yamano has also released a slew of DVDs and photo books, but more recently she has appeared on several Japanese television shows. She hasn’t officially retired from the gravure idol scene, but her product output has dwindled significantly over the past couple of years.

Aki Hoshino 

 Nicknamed the “Angel of Japan,” Aki Hoshino has been delighting Japanese men for years with her DVDs and late-night talk show appearances. Typical of many Japanese women, she has aged remarkably well and still looks as good as she did at 19 — if not better.

Yoko Matsugane

Yoko Matsugane has achieved fame in Japan by releasing more than 30 titillating DVDs and almost as many photo books. Without a doubt, it’s her gigantic G-cup breasts and sultry look that continue to please her adoring fans — not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Reon Kadena 

Reon Kadena is currently the most sought-after gravure idol, due to her amazing body and goddess-like features. She’s one of the few gravure idols to have done any nude modeling, which perhaps also accounts for her popularity. Reon’s also an actress, spokesmodel and can be seen regularly on Japanese television.

made in japan 

Although big breasts are not traditionally valued in Japanese models, but you can tell from this list that the gravure idol has changed all that. In fact, it was in the 1980s when the “age of the big bust” arrived in Japan and since then men’s mags have scoured the country looking for the next busty girl to join the ranks of Japan’s super sexy erotic queens. Subsequently, cosmetic surgery is on the rise, but the emphasis is still on natural.

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