New Search and Chat Feature:Google+

 Google is trying to become the conversation starter for some by improving its conversation settings. Now one can just start a conversation directly from the search results. For example, if you wish to start a chat about your favorite coffee shop, you just need to search that shop and you can straight away start chatting about it on the share tab.
To make it more user friendly, it goes straight to the post and people can view your comments. If they wish they can even join in. the search can be started just by clicking on the post and this way the viewer can also start a new conversation. To get a better perspective, check this out.
 Earlier Google only connected people to mainstream news via its Spark tab where people could see only general happenings about the topic. Since September, Google has included an option of watching original Google+ work on that topic.
Lately, Google has been focusing on giving a boost to its social network arm by showing posts and links from Google+ on its search tool. This however, is not going down well with others like Twitter as they are at a disadvantage because of this. By its latest move Google is trying harder to make its users more involved with the site.


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